More Star Trek First Contact Bootleg Figures

Yowza! Gettaloada these bootleg Star Trek figures. 


Okay. What's wrong with these pictures? Where do I start? The most obvious error is the fact that Lt Riker is in his First Contact uniform. But the packaging is from The Next Generation series. The card the figure is mounted on should have a Lt. Barclay figure. As a matter of fact, all the figures on this page come mounted on a Lt. Barclay card. If ya take a look at Lt Riker's weapon, it's a nice brownish color. The real thing came with blue accessories. 
If ya take a look at the card back, you can see that it features the information for the Lt. Barclay figure. Noticibly missing are any trademarks or copyright information. But this is typical of your basic bootleg toy.
I have no idea how many figures are in this bootleg toy series. But I have three for you to scope out. 

Here is Captain Picard in his spacesuit. The good Captain is sporting a light grey space suit with red, brown and grey highlights. 
For a bootleg toy, this figure actually looks pretty damn good. 
The android Data is another good looking bootleg figure. That's if ya can overlook his sunburned hands and the slight differences in the color of the uniforms.. 

Ahhh. Finally. A funny looking figure. The bootleg Lt Riker figure has been drinking too much coffee. That intense look in the eyes is just too funny! 
Like the Data figure above, Lt Riker also has some sunburned hands. 


What's the deal with these figures? Well, they were located in Brazil. I recently picked them up from my buddy Jorge. According to Jorge, the Star Trek bootleg toys are pretty far and few between. So I'm guessing that these toys came out a few years ago. Y'know, I collect Trek figures. I gotta funny feeling that these bootleg toys are the rarest Trek figures in my collection. Too bad bootleg toys are more a novelty item than a collectible.