Okay, I really don't know too much about the Disney movie Mulan. But I do know bootleg toys when I see them. These are bootleg toys! Taken from the Mulan toy line, this set features four different character figures from the movie.
The cards these toys are mounted on are one sided. The backs are just plain cardboard. The dimensions of the cards are 10.25 inches X 7.5 inches. The card features a picture of two of the male characters on their horse. The toy line is called "Deluxe Warrior Training Set". There is also artwork of the characters from the movie on the card. But they are a little difficult to see because the toys block them.

Here we go.....................!!!


This is the lead male character from the movie. His name is Li Shang. This character is the leader of the Imperail Army. Li Shang stands about 5.5 inches tall. The only articulation he has is the head and the arms at the shoulders. He comes with his armor(?).



Here is the star of the movie. I guess her name is Mulan. Actually, it is Fa Mulan. She stands about 4.5 inches tall. And yes, the arms on the authentic figure are really shaped as pictured.  The only articulation in the arms is at the shoulders. And the articulation only allows the arms to swivel forward and back. I don't know why Mulan's arms are bent only at the elbow. Why isn't there any articulation at the elbows?


This figure is Li Shang on a horse.  For some reason, the bootleggers turned his head towards the card. As a matter of fact, the head on this figure was turned on most of the packages that featured this particular character. Can't be to hide the paint job because the paint job on these figures is okay for bootleg toy standards.



This last figure is Mulan riding her horse, Kahn. Of the four toys I have, this one features the poorest paint job. The Kahn and the Mulan figure above him stand about four inches from top to bottom. A side note: Shang and Mulan were never released as carded figures riding their horses. So this is a case of the bootleggers taking some artistic license with these toys. The authentic figures were released in boxed forms with their horse though.
 I mostly like to buy the superhero toys. But this page is here to show you that just about any toy line can and is bootlegged.

Also I would like to give a big tip of the bootleg hat to the two visitors to this website who helped me out with the details regarding the authentic toy line and the names of these characters. Nancy(pabandchick) and Linda From Minnesota, Thank you very much for the assist!

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