Mystery Transformer

All right. This page features a robot that may or may not be a Transformer. Now ya gotta understand. There are a ton of Transformers knock off out here in So Cal. These knock offs usually come on cards. Although there are a few that come boxed. Not only that. For bootleg toys, the Transformers knock offs are pretty expensive. They range in price from six bucks all the way to up to fifteen, sometimes as much as twenty dollars. Occasionally, I'll snag one if I think it's something interesting. 
When I saw the toy on this page, something gnawed at the back of my head. I couldn't remember what it was, but there was something about the"Ox" sticker that is on this figure's body. 
Anyways, take a look at this thing. I'll tell ya why I bought it in a bit.


From head to toe, this toy stands about ten inches tall. The protrusions behind the figure extend the toy's height to about 14.5". Now I have never seen this figure on this particular card before. I suspect that it is kinda old cuz the card is pretty beat up. 
Anyways, the reason I picked it up besides that "Ox" sticker on the figure is cuz of this:


Now I have never seen any carded Transformers knock off come wth batteries before. Now I am kinda reluctant to take this toy outta the package cuz I think that would take away from the novelty of the knock off. Hey! Alot of times, the packaging is just as fun as the bootleg toy itself. 
So. Does anybody have any idea what this thing is? Is it a knock off? If so, a knock off of what? If this is a knock off, is the scale of the figure right?

UPDATE: Thanks to all who took the time to inform me that this figure is actually Black Ox from the Gigantor cartoon series. Props to you all!!