Naboo Fighter

Here is a Star Wars knock off from Singapore. This is actually a bump and go vehicle.

Okay. It's not really a Naboo Fighter. It just looks like one. Heck! There's even a droid like robot sitting on top of the fighter. But what really amazes me about this thing is how the planet looks just like the Grand Canyon. Not only that! This Grand Canyon looks like it goes all the way up to the edge of the planet's atmosphere. WoW!

Okay. Not this looks like a Star Wars knockoff vehicle right? Well, the bootleggers must have wanted to make sure that we know it's a Star Wars knockoff. Hence, the text on the box...

     Star Wars High Performance. Whatever that means.

Here's a pic of the actual toy. Note; You have to assemble the darn thing. 

This thing is made outta some cheap ass metal. It's about ten inches long. The bootleggers even slapped a couple of stickers that say Star Wars on them. Well, as far as knockoffs go. This one is a poor imitation if you ask me. I've actually seen much, much better knockoffs. Honest!