The New Titanic-Bot

Well, if you are a Transformers collector, then you have probably all ready laid your eyes on the Titanic-Bot. So you know what the toy is all about. If not, you can see pics of the original Titanic-Bot by clicking HERE.
But now it's the spring of 2000 and the bootleggers have decided to re-release the Titanic-Bot. But to distinguish it from the original, there have been some changes.
Below is a shot of the top portion of the card. The artwork on the card is identical to the original Titanic-Bot's artwork. But now there is some chinese lettering above the Titanic-Bot text. Also, I think that the logo on the top left corner of the card may be the bootleggers logo. 

This is how the bootleggers have repackaged Titanic-Bot. Rather than have him in ship mode, this time, the figure is now coming at ya in its 'Bot mode. 
The bubble the toy is mounted under is molded to fit the figure. Also, the 'bot's weapons are securely fastened in a couple of special slots specially designed for them. 
One more difference in the figure is the head of Titanic-Bot. The original Titanic-Bot had a silver head. This new one now sports an orange head. 

There's other changes in this new Titanic-Bot. The card this toy is mounted on measures in at a whopping 13" X 9.5". The pics diagramming how to transform the toy are still on the card. But one picture is different. You'll figure it out as you read on. 
The smokestacks on the ship are now orange. They used to be a nice golden color. 
The biggest (and most disappointing) change in this new version of the Titanic-Bot is that the bootleggers decided to cut some corners. The original toy was a wind up that actually floated on the water. This version now has the wind up mechanism missing along with the propeller that was located underneath the ship. Maybe the fact that this feature is now omitted is part of the reason that the bootleggers packaged this toy in the 'Bot  mode. The way this toy is packaged, you can't see that the wind up part of the ship is now missing. Naturally, there are no statements on the card about how this ship can be wound up and sailed on water. 
Is this a toy worth buying? Well, compared to the first version of Titanic-Bot, no. If ya missed out on the original, I suppose ya may wanna pick this one up. But all in all, this disappointing version of Titanic-Bot is quite inferior to the original one. 

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