Knight Force Ninja Batman 

Here is another toy that turned up in Malaysia. I sure hope that this toy is a sign of things to come. Maybe it'll turn up here in the states. My friend Ee found this one for me. He only saw this one figure from this bootleg toy line. But I have no doubt that other figures exist. 


That figure up there is Power Kick Batman. The card for this figure measures in at 11" X 8.5". The packaging is totally original. If ya take a close look behind the figure, you can see Alicia Silverstone as Batgirl. If ya look really hard, you can see a close up of George Clooney as Batman opposite Batgirl. Obviously, those pics are from Batman Forever. 
The card back features more Batman Forever pics. Also, the bootleggers took out their toys and posed them for this packaging. 
Naturally, there are no trademarks or copyright information on the package. 

Here is Power Kick Batman up close. The figure stands just over six inches tall. The bootleggers took some liberties with Batman's costume. 
This figure sports a yellow cape eyebrows??? 
While this figure looks good in black. The original toy came in a grey costume. 
The accessories also come in a rainbow of colors. Batman's foot guard and sword are  grey. While his mask and other accessories are yellow and red. 
This is a very pretty toy to look at.
Robin here looks like some kinda girl to me. There's just something about those red, red lips....

How about the posing of the figures on the package? I am positive that the Robin figure is one of the figures that has been bootlegged. 
One of the questions that comes to mind is, why did the bootleggers create their own packaging? Didn't they have access to the artwork that the real toys are based on? 


Well, this is a pretty cool toy line to find bootlegged. I have always thought that most Batman bootlegs would show up with animated Batman or Total Justice molds. But this is a new one. Hopefully these will show up here in my neck of the woods. Based on the packaging,  ya gotta believe that Robin and Killer Croc have also been bootlegged. I wonder how trippy those two figures look. 
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