Here are some of my unusual Batman toys. Usually I stumble onto these. When I recover from my initial shock at seeing these, I get a good chuckle and add it to my collection. As time goes by, I will add more of my DIFFERENT Batman toys to this page for you to see.

Batman on a skateboard. This guy operates on two AA batteries. He just rolls straight ahead until he reaches an edge. Then he spins away and rolls straight ahead again. Until he reaches another edge............ No wonder the makers of this toy call him Super Bat!

Here is Batman on a tricycle. The tricycle is one of those toys that you pull back and let go. Batman is actually a repainted turtle. On his back, you can see where the turtle shell is supposed to be. The Batman stands only about an inch and a half high. When seated on the bike, he doesn't reach the handle bars. 

Here is a Robin figure that is similar to the Super Powers bootleg toys.Robin stands about ten inches high. His belt, and mask and logo on his upper left torso are all sickers. This guy is just a cheesy looking hollow plastic figure.
This here is the Batman. Same details as the Robin above.  

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