First up is a Batman that is attached to a string. I think he is supposed to be able to fly. I never figured out what to do with this toy. So now it just sits in its plastic bag. This toy line is called Super Amigos. Which means Super Friends in Spanish. There are alot of unrelated toys in Mexico that are called Super Amigos. The Bat logo on this toy's chest also has the words "Batman" under the Bat symbol. This is pretty common for Mexican Batman toys. Almost every Batman toy I have from Mexico has "Batman" under the bat logo. The card that is packaged with this toy features drawings of batman, Robin, Superman, Wonder Woman, Captain America, Hawkman, Green Lantern, Spiderman and Captain Marvel(Shazam).

Here are some ten inch Batman figures. These guys came packaged in a plastic bag. They are all the same figure with different colored plastic for the body of the toy. These pictures do not do the figures justice. The only part of this toy that is painted is the face. Believe me when I tell you that the paint jobs are awful!!! As usual with the Mexican Batman figures, the bat logo on the chest has "Batman" written under it. The capes that come with these figures are plastic. Three of these figures feature a card with the theme from the first Batman movie. The fourth figure has the Penguin and Batman on it with the words "Patman Returns". No that is not a typo. It really says Patman Returns.

This last thing isn't really a toy. But it also something I found in Mexico. These are little cardboard cutouts of DC superheroes as children. They are called Super Jrs. I vaguely remember some toys like this from the late 70s. There are twenty five cutouts in each package. But the characters are not consistent for each package. Some may have The Flash and Hawkman, while another may have Robin and The Green Lantern. Batman and Superman are in all the packages that I have. Has anybody ever seen this item anywhere in the United States?

That's it for now. I have more oddball Batman stuff that I will post in time. I know this looks like the Mexican Batman page, but it's not. There really is more to come.

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