Petit Soldier

Here are some Sailor Moon bootleg toys that are based on the Bandai Sailor Moon figures. 
These figures come on cards. I think the only version of the real toys released on cards was in Korea.
Here is the label for the toys:


Well, as you can see in the pic, the Petit Soldier part was placed directly over the hanger portion of the card. Trust me. It says Petit Soldier.

Here are the actual figures. I have three figures from this series. 


The Planet Girl bootleg toys elsewhere on this site are also based on the same molds as these figures.
On the left is Sailor Neptune. Her right arm has fallen off. Sailor Neptune comes with a stand that is labeled Sailorjupiter (sic).
The middle figure is Chibimoon. Yes, that's how it is spelled, Chibimoon. She comes with a stand labeled Sailormars(sic).
The last figure on the right I think is actually packaged correctly. It is Sailor Mercury. This of course is a complete accident that she was packaged with the correctly labeled stand. 
Oh, and another tidbit about these figures. None of them have any panties on. I guess you could call these figures "Party Sailors".

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