Batman Beyond

Here is a set of Batman bootleg toys. But the bootleggers must have gotten a little mixed up. Ya see, they packaged The Batman in Batman Beyond packaging. 


  Note the upsidedown bat logo on the front of the package? That's actually just a sticker. So much for quality control.
Anyways, the card measures in at 9.5" X 7". Like I've said soooooo many other times about bootleg toys, there are absolutely no trademark or copyright info anywhere on the package.

Here are the three figures I have in this set:


Okay, off the top of my head, I can't recall which Batman and Robin figures these are. But I do know that Robin was never poisoned by Kryptonite. Cuz of his oddball appearance, Robin is definitely my favorite figure in this series.
The figures measure in at a tad over five inches tall. The two Batman figures come with the same accessories. While Robin has his own lime green and orange weapons.