Planet Girl

Planet Girl is the name the bootleggers have chosen for this line of Sailor Moon bootleg figures. There are five figures in this series. They represent five of the characters from the Sailor Moon anime.
As you can see on the package, the artwork features the five Sailor Moon characters prancing around. The card these figures come on measures about 6" X 9". The back of the card is just plain cardboard.


Following are pics of the figures. Each figure is about five inches tall. The only articulation each figure has is in the arms. The paint jobs are adequate for bootleg toys. Each figure also comes with a nice display stand to place the Sailor in. The lone accessory that comes with the figures is a wand (scepter?).
Does anybody have an idea what molds these figures were made from? Could they be from a real Sailor Moon toy line?
Sailor Moon, Sailor Mars and Sailor Neptune



Sailor Uranus and Sailor Venus


That's it for these figures. Nothing really outrageous about them. Boy, y'know, it's been a long time since I have found a really bizarre looking bootleg.

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