Planet Girl

All right! Finally a Sailor Moon toy that isn't based on the Bandai figures. This one is totally different from the Bandai figures. Woo Hoo!

Here is the name of the toy as seen on the card.


Yup! That's Planet Girl. But this toy is in no way related to the other Planet Girl bootleg Sailor Moon toys. This sucker is totally different.
Well, there are the Sailors on the card art. I have no idea where this art was ripped off from. But it is too good to be original bootleg artwork. So it must have come from somewhere. 


Here is Planet Girl in all her glory. Now I normally don't bother posting dolls on this site. But I'm making an exception here cuz it's a Sailor Moon knock off. 
Planet Girl's outfit is similar to what the Sailor Moon characters wear. Granted, there are differences in the color scheme. 
Here's the scoop on Planet Girl. She stands about eleven inches tall. She is made of a soft rubber. Her accessories include a purse, brush, comb and shoes. As packaged, the doll is wearing boots that can be removed. 


Well, this is the only Planet Girl doll I have seen. I wonder if there are variations of this doll??
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