Planet Girl Two Pack

 I've had this Sailor Moon bootleg toy sitting around for a long time now. So I figure it's about time I posted it to the site. 
Here ya go...!



These figures are basically the same figures that I have posted elsewhere on this site. The only thing that's changed is the packaging. If you trust the names that are taped onto the bases for these figures to stand on, then the two figures are Sailor Mars and Sailor Jupiter.The figures stand about five inches tall. Two sceptors are included with the figures. But the way the hands are molded, there's no way that these figures can hold the sceptors. Don't be fooled by the pictures. The paint jobs suck!
The back of the card has instructions for some kind of game. There's mention of cards plus instructions for putting together a compact. Along with the instructions and pics, there are some warnings that feature some butchered English.