Mexican Super Hero Figures

I have come across some pretty crummy looking toys in my life. But these are probably the most pathetic. I don't mean to demean these particular toys. But the quality of the paint jobs and the way the figures were made leaves much to be desired. Take a look for yourself.

Okay, this particular pic is kinda crummy. As soon as I find round these up, I'll redo the pic. 
But anyways, that's supposed to be The Thing, Wonder Woman, Robin and The Hulk. 
Y'know, I may actually be doing you a favor by having this overcompressed pic here. That way you won't have nightmares after seeing these toys. 


Well, here are a couple of better pics. Lessee, we have Captain America and Spider-Man. 
Cap's about 4.5" tall. Spidey reaches 6" at the top of his hands. 


The Human Torch and Iron Man. The Torch looks like he is really flaming. Flaming as in Holy Smokes! This burns!!
I'm not even gonna try and wonder why the toy makers made Iron Man pink. 
Both of these figures stand just over five inches tall. 

Here's some details about these toys. I found them in a little shop in Tijuana, Mexico. They cost me a quarter each. Most of these toys have to be balanced just right in order to keep them from tipping over. I can never keep Iron Man from tipping over. 
The paint job on the figures is horrendous. If I handle these toys too much, the paint falls right off. I really doubt if these toys are based on any original molds. I have seen these figures up for auction on Ebay. If you see them, I would highly recommend that you not even consider purchasing them. They just are not worth it.

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