Super Poseable Spider-Man

Here is one neat Spider-Man bootleg toy. Okay, there isn't really anything exceptional about the toy itself. But boy oh boy was I impressed with the packaging. First take a peek at the box this sucker comes in....

First, I gotta tell ya. This box is not made of your typical cheap bootleg toy cardboard. The box is pretty darn sturdy. The clear plastic window is also made of superior quality (for a bootleg toy). So when I came across this toy, I had to study it a little more than I usually do when I come across a bootleg toy. 
First thing I noticed was that there were no trademarks or copyright info on the box. (who cares that the figure in the box doesn't match what's shown on the box). Now to be honest with ya. I found another bootleg toy (a boxed Batman figure called Bat Fighter) at this same shop where I came across this Spidey figure. Now I was pretty positive that this web head toy was a bootleg. But the kicker was some of the text on the box.
Now besides the fact that you rarely (never?) see any chinese writing on "real" toy packages. The english is a bit butchered. I do give the translator an A for effort though. You, me and anybody else who reads this can certainly understand what the warnings mean. 
Here are a couple of close ups of the figure itself:
Now I suppose that this figure comes from one of those "Adventure" Spidey figures that have been out. Dig the flippers on the feet. The toy itself stands ten inches tall. Like the box, the figure is made of sturdier stuff than you normally find in a bootleg toy. 
The box the figure comes in measures 13" X 8" X 3". I wonder if this was meant for the US market. Except for the name Spider-Man and the children's warnings, there aren't any other words in English. I do recognize French, German and Spanish that is printed on the box. There are a couple of other languages on the box. But I have no clue which languages they are. 
I just gotta give props to whoever made this bootleg toy. The quality of the packaging and the figure are much better than what I normally come across. I wonder if there are other figures in this series? Personally, I wouldn't be surprised if there are.