Power Of The Force Bendie

All right, here is another toy straight outta the Philippine Islands. This is another toy that Alan Munguia gave me. That's right! Gave me! Quite frankly, this is now one of the gems of my bootleg toy collection. According to Alan, he has only seen this toy once in the P.I. 
Now I know that I have never seen this kinda bootleg toy here in the states. So this one might be quite a rare find. 

Here is a look at the back of the card this figure is mounted on. Like many bootleg toys, this one has a mish mash of pics featuring toys from the POTF toy line. 
A couple of variations from the typical bootleg toy packaging are visible on this card. First, the Kenner logo is quite visible. Also, the card back is sporting a bar code. A bar code on a bootleg toy package is really pretty hard to find. 
The figure Alan sent me is a Darth Vader figure. The card is oversized measuring in at 9" X 6". Darth Vader himself stands in at five inches in height. 




Here is a better shot of the figure. If ya take a close look at Darth Vader's arms, you can see that he has no joints. His legs also have no joints. This guy is a bendie!
A funny thing about this figure is the texture of Darth Vader's arms and legs. They vaguely remind me of corn cobs. 


The bootleggers wanted to make sure there was no mistaking just what you were buying. 
Located on the card is a small pic of Han Solo being posed by some fingers. Blurbed around the pic are the words "Bendable" and "Poseable".
Hmmm, a Han Solo pictured on the card? Could it be that there is a whole series of figures made as bendies? I'd be willing to bet Yes is the answer to that question. 


This is one hoot of a bootleg toy! Thanks again to Alan Munguia for hooking me up with this toy. If it wasn't for Alan, I wouldn't have the opportunity to show this figure to you all. 

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