Power Heros

Heh. Gettaloada this incredibly horrible figure that came to me straight from Singapore. Believe me, it is one truly hellacious looking figure!

Well, the artwork certainly looks like a purple Wolverine. But..............

the figure looks like some creature from Hell. 

Well, the bootleggers certainly didn't try to make this figure appear to be Wolverine from the X-Men. But I suppose that mold came from somewhere. Getta load of the figures mouth. Hilarious!! 
This figure stands 9.5" tall. The card measures 13" X 8.5" All the artwork on the card is original. But whoever the artist was, well, a monkey could have done a better job if ya ask me. Finally, the other character on the card is also a part of this Power Heros bootleg series. But I didn't have the heart to post him here. Maybe another time.