Power-Man Figures
Here are two Spider-Man knock off figures that are featured under the toy line "Power-Man". Both of these figures come on the same card. There are also some slight differences between the two figures. 
The first difference is in the scale of these figures. One of these Spider-Man figures is about ten inches in height. The other Spider-Man stands just short of eight inches. While the artwork featuring Spider-Man on a brick wall, along with a scene featuring a Lizard-like character in the passenger seat of a 50's style car being chased by some futuristic police, the card dimensions are slightly different in order to accomodate the figures. 

Here are pics of the two figures heads: 

On the left is the eight inch Power-Man figure. On the right is the ten inch figure. 
The size of the stickers on the chest of the Spider-Man figures are different in order to accomodate the scale of the toy. Also, the eyes of the five inch figure resemble Spider-Man's eyes more accurately than the figure on the left. Also, the smaller Spider-Man figure has a small black mark in the middle of the face that I believe is supposed to represent a hole for Spidey to breath through. 


Here are the two figures side by side. You really can't see it in the photos. But the Spidey on the right suffers from a really poor paint job. Especially around the boot area. Notice the differences in the hands? While not visible in the picture, the smaller Spider-Man figure's right hand is cast to make it look like he is pressing down on his web spinner. The left hand is making a fist. 
The taller Spidey's left hand is also making a fist. But the right hand is left open. I gotta admit that while Spider-Man isn't my favorite toy line to collect, these cheesy hollow plastic figures are really fun! 
Five inch Powerman is on the left. ten inch Powerman is on the right.
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