Power Man Bootleg Superman Toy


This is one of my favorite Superman figures. Why? Well, first you gotta admire the cheesy artwork on the card. Whoa Boy!!! Superman is drawn (quite poorly) with blonde hair!!! Ha! I just love that! Now this particular figure is just a cheap hollow plastic figure.Kind of like the Power Figures Superman elsewhere on this site. The "S" logo on the figures chest is identical to the Power Figures Superman. This guy even suffers from the typical poor paint job. I mean, Superman has a GREEN belt! But at least they got the body to resemble the muscular Superman we all know and love.


Now by sheer coincidence, I happen to have the figure that this bootleg toys is taken from. Here is a pic of the real Superman figure and the bootleg Power Man. The figures are exactly the same. The differences? well, the blue of Superman's costume, the bootleg figure's shoulders are painted and the direction the head is looking. Also the there is a big difference in the quality of the plastic used to make the figures.
But the figures are the same height, same pose and the muscle definition in the arms, shoulders and legs are exactly alike. While you can't really tell from the pictures, the bootleg Superman has the same hair as the "real" Superman. I'm not sure which "real" Superman figure this is (Ultimate Superman?). I bought him a couple of years ago. The real figure comes with a base that is shaped like Superman's logo. The real figure also comes with a hard plastic cape.


Here is a close up of Power Man Superman

Okay, so he looks kind of pissed off. Wouldn't you if you were sealed up in plastic? But at least this guy's face resembles Superman's face including the little curl of hair on his forehead. For anybody who cares, this figure stands ten inches tall. His cape is just a piece of cheap plastic. This figure's hands are molded in fists. The paint job really is quite poor. I love this figure!!! Don't ask why. I really can't explain it.

Oh, and yes, there is a Power Man Spiderman (elsewhere on this site) and a Power Man Batman.

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