Power Man Three Pack

Here is a three pack of figures featuring three of the most poplar superheroes around. Spider-Man, Superman and Batman. All three of these figures come on the same card. Speaking of the card, it measures 14" X 10.5"  All three of these figures stand about seven and a half inches tall. 
Check out the pics:

Here is the artwork on the card. This line of figures is called Power Man. Check out the blonde haired Superman wannabe


All three of these figures come on this same card. Which I think makes this a great bootleg toy bargain. Batman, Superman and Spider-Man all on the same package. Woo Hoo!



Here is Batman. Of the three figures in this set, he is probably the poorest one. While he certainly is recognizable as Batman, the paint job is all wrong. 
Batman's gloves and boots are silver, his cowl is blue and he is missing his cape. There is no logo on his chest. And what is that red stuff on his stomach. No, this isn't one of the best bootleg Batman figures ever produced. Which is probably why I like it soooo much!



Next up is Superman. This guy stands seven and a half inches tall. The mold for this figure is the same one as the Powerman bootleg Superman figure elsewhere on this site. The cape and the S logo appear to be the same as the Power Figures Superman.
And what's with the green belt? Both Superman and Batman are sporting green belts.



Last, but not least is Spider-Man. This figure is the same Spider-Man bootleg that has been produced under the Power Man bootleg toy line that is also on this site. Nothing new to say about this figure except that he looks like one mean Mother.

While these particular figures are really nothing to shout about, they are some of my favorites. I just love the modifications that the bootleggers have made to these well known and loved characters.

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