Powerpuff Girls Keychain Three Pack

Just when I was thinking that I was never gonna find any bootleg Powerpuff girls stuff (besides the generically packaged stuff), lo and behold! Something booty comes along. 

This here is a three pack of Powerpuff Girls keychains. The bootleggers actually took the time to package them in Powerpuff Girls type packaging. The card the keychains are mounted on measures 10" X 7.5". The fragile bubble is formed in the shape of the three Powerpuff girls. 
The actual paint job on the figures is okay for bootleg toys standards. The bootleggers didn't stay between the lines when coloring the figures. 

Here's a close up of a couple of these Babes....


Trust me when I tell ya the paint jobs aren't all that. These keychains are actually pretty hefty. They stand in at four inches in height. But they are also kinda thick. From front to back, the head is about an inch and a half thick. 
Woo Hoo! I tell ya, while I don't really watch the Powerpuff Girls cartoon. I figured they were next in line when it comes to becoming a target of bootleggers. It's about time something showed up around here!