PowerPuff Girls Figurines

Here is a small set of Power Puff Girls figures that is actually a bit of a yawner for bootleg toys. 

  This figures come mounted on a card that measures in at a measly 7" X 5". The place I found it at only had one. I almost overlooked it cuz I'm not used to finding bootleg toys on packages this small. While the bubble the figures are mounted under is fragile.The bootleggers did actually make sure that the bubble conformed to the figures. Heh. I really have never watched The Powerpuff girls, so the bootleggers did help me by including the names of the characters on the packaging. 

Speaking of the characters, here they are in all their bootleg toy glory:


Yikes! I screwed up in sizing the pics. Ah well, looks like you all get a close up look at Bubbles. Bubbles is the blonde. 
As you can see, the figures are really just small statues. They only stand about two and a half inches tall. For bootleg toys, the paint jobs on these things is actually pretty good. On a scale of 1 to 10, I'd have to give these things a seven for quality and a 1 for playability.