Power Steel

Here is one VERY impressive bootleg toy. This is a Max Steel bootleg that has been produced under the toy line name of Power Steel. When I saw this, I could not believe the quality built into the packaging. Take a peek...


Now I don't own any Max Steel figures. But just looking at this, I figure that the packaging is exactly like the real deal. The bootleggers don't have the imagination to come up with something like this on their own. All the small print on the package is printed in SIX different languages. 
The box that Power Steel comes in measures in at about 13" X 10" X 2.5". Naturally, there are no copyright, tradmark or manufacturer indicators anywhere on the packaging. 

Here's a shot of the back of the package. The bootleggers didn't change the name of the toy to Power Steel. Which is kinda strange. I have two other Power Steel bootlegs. The Max Steel on the back has been changed to Power Steel. So much for the quality control at the bootleg toy factory.
By the way, the bootleggers recommend this toy for ages four and up. 
Power Steel up close. Based on pics I have seen of this figure, the only real differences from the real Max Steel toy are the color of the helmet and air line. The bootleggers used grey plastic while the Max Steel's is white.
Other than that, this thing is virtually right on target.


Here's Power Steel's grey jet pack and powder blue missiles. 


This is one heckuva bootleg toy! The bootleggers have managed to impress me very much with this toy line. Coming soon.... More Power Steel bootlegs. So far, I've snagged three different ones.