Space Power Warrior
Here is one of the newest Star Wars knock off figures. This particular toy is called Space Power Warrior. It actually is a very good Darth Vader look-a-like. The figure stands about seven inches tall. The card this figure is on is very similar to the Power Figures cards I have elsewhere on this web site. It is one sided and comes with some very nice artwork. Below is a close up pic of Darth Vader's head. As you can see, the bootleggers painted a silver racing stripe down the middle of old Darth's helmet. Very nice... 
The card art features the Death Star and a Star Destroyer, an X Wing and a B Wing in battle above a planet. Located on the top left corner of the card is a very hard to see drawing of Darth Vader's head. Very difficult to see because it is Darth Vaders black helmet on a black space background. 

Here is a full body shot of the Space Power Warrior. Darth Vader's boots are painted silver. His eyes and chest are painted blue. The light saber that comes with this figure is just a thick piece of red plastic that has a couple of small notches to differentiate between the handle and the blade of the sabre. 
Check out the ship located to on the left hand side of the card next to the figure. This ship looks like it has two wings, a long stabilizing rudder(?) on the bottom and the pilots capsule on the top. As you can barely see in the picture, the pilot rides in a capsule located on the top of the ship.  It was pointed out to me that this ship is actually in the Star Wars trilogy. It's called a B Wing. Funny, but I never noticed this ship in the movies. Next time I watch the trilogy, I'm gonna keep an eye out for it. 


You know, I like my Star Wars figures.Especially my bootleg Star Wars figures. When I got this figure, because of the cheesy artwork it immediately became my second favorite Star Wars bootleg toy. Right after the Star Knight.



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