Dancing Princess Bootleg Dolls

This line of bootleg toys features Disney characters from Mattel's toy line called Dancing Princess. Seeing as I don't have a daughter, I know nothing about these toys. Anybody want to lend a hand? Drop me a line if you know anything about this toy line. 

Here is a pic of the top of the card. I positive the label and what not have all been ripped off from the "real" toy. 


The cards these figures come on measures 8" X 11". The bubble is kind of flimsy. There is an insert with the figure that matches the doll in the package. 
 Here is a view of the back of the card. As usual, there are no trademarks or copyrights on anywhere. I believe that the pics shown on the back are taken off of the "real" toy's card. Shown is Sleeping Beauty, instructions on how to make the doll twirl and pics of the six Disney characters available. 
I think there are only six figures in this series. 


Here are close ups of the bootleg dolls. First up is Pocahantas. She stands about six and a half inches tall. Her dress is made out of what appears to be felt. She has two bows in her hair. At the bottom of her two pony tails are rubber bands. Pocahantas shoes are painted gold. 
All of the dolls in this series come with a brush, a stand for you to place the doll on so she will stand up. There is also a base that you place the stand on so the doll can "dance". 


Next up is Sleeping Beauty. Her dress is pink with gold sparkles in her skirt. She stands the same height as Pocahatas. Her shoes are also painted gold. The accessories are also yellow like Pocahantas. 


Everybody should recognize this doll. It's Snow White. Just like all the other figures in this series, she stands a little over six inches tall. Here accessories are the same as the other two figures in this series. Her feet also are painted gold. Of the three figures on this page, I would have to say that this is the best looking of the bunch. 


This doll is Jasmine. Same accessories as the dolls pictured above. Her shoes also are painted gold (no, I do not have a shoe fetish). The skirt of her dress has some glitter in it. Also, the hair on this doll is held back with rubber bands. 

This here is Belle from Beauty And The Beast. This doll's hair isn't quite brown or blonde. Sort of in between. As you can see in the drawing next to the doll, Belle's hair should be a darker brown. 

Last but not least is Cinderella. Not much to say about her except that she is missing the blue hair piece that is pictured in the drawing. 


That's it for this line of bootleg toys. Also, I sure would appreciate it if somebody can give me some more details about this toy line. 

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