Web Splashers

This Spider-Man bootleg was found in Brazil by my buddy Jorge Lunz. The puzzle has twelve pieces. Ya gotta have java script enabled to put the puzzle together. Just click on each piece with your mouse. Then keep your mouse held down and drag the puzzle piece to the correct postion on the white field. You will hear a sound when ya puzzle piece is placed in the correct position.

This puzzle features three different pics of the toy. When it's completed, you'll see a front and back pic of the toy and a close up.

Have fun!



Sorry, you must have java enabled to play this game.



Here's the gory details of this bootleg toy. The figure is Deep Sea Dr. Octopus. The card the figure is mounted on measures in at 12" X 7.5". Doc Ock stands about 6" tall. More or less. His raft is black. As you can see in the pic, the figure's paint job is different from the real figure. The bubble on the package is pretty fragile.Also, like virtually every other bootleg toy, there are no trademarks or copyrights to be found anywhere on the package.