Batman Toys


One of the toys in this puzzle has been in my collection for quite some time now. I think I have about a dozen of them.
The figure in this puzzle was sent to me by my Canadien friend Kevin Moore. While the figure is new to my collection, it sure does appear to have been around for some time.

Ya gotta have java script enabled in your browser to play. Ya can move the pieces by clicking on each piece with your mouse and moving the puzzle piece. All the pieces should fit on the white field. You will hear a sound when a puzzle piece has been placed in the right position.

This puzzle has twelve pieces. Enjoy!



Sorry, you must have java enabled to play this game.



Okay, what's the scoop with these toys? Well, the figure stands about thirteen inches tall. My best guess is that the figure is based on the Batman that Michael Keaton played in the movie. This figure doesn't have a cape. But you can see the holes in the shoulder where the cape is supposed to be inserted.

The Master Man Batman toy is really very tiny. It measures about 4.5" in length and at its highest point, is about 4" tall. Batman's arms and legs can be moved. But they are frozen in the bike riding position. Batman can also be removed from the motorcycle. The kickstand on the bike can be positioned up or down. The neat thing about this toy is that there is a static generator. So when ya push the motorcycle forward or backward, little sparks of static electricity flash from on one side of the motorcycle. I have also seen this motorcycle come with a Ninja Turtle figure and a Spider-Man figure.