Bootleg Toy Jigsaw Puzzles

Here's a chance for ya to take a peek at some bootleg toys that you won't find anywhere else on this site. While I could easily have placed these elsewhere, I figured I'd give ya all a chance to puzzle out the toys. 
Here's the info ya need to know in order to put the jigsaw puzzles together. 
1:  Make sure java script is enabled in your browser. 
2:  To move the puzzle pieces, click on the piece with your mouse. Continue holding the mouse down and drag the piece to where it belongs in the puzzle. 
3:  All the jigsaw puzzle pieces belong in the white playing field. 
4:  When a puzzle piece has been moved into the proper position, you will hear a sound. 
That's it! It's really pretty simple to play. So have fun! 

Batman Bootlegs

Spider-Man Bootlegs


By the way, the program for the jigsaw puzzles was created by ICA CD Products. This program I had to buy (only cost me twenty bucks). But they do have a shareware program for you to try. Here's the URL to their site:

I gotta tell ya, this program is pretty darn easy to use. I had a puzzle page put together minutes after they sent me the software to create jigsaw puzzles.