Star Wars Episode One Queen Amidala Card

Here is another wave of bootleg Star Wars figures. These particular figures come on a Queen Amidala card. Unlike the previous Queen Amidala card figures, this series of bootleg toys come with a comm chip. I have never seen this bootleg toy series here in the USA. They were found in Singapore (Thanks Kris and Darren!)


 This wave of bootleg toys come on a Queen Amidala card. There are eighteen figures in the set. Each figure comes with a bootlegged Comm chip that corresponds to the figure.There are several new figures that have not been featured as bootleg toys in this particular scale yet. This page is going to concentrate on those figures along with Darth Maul and a horrible Obi-Wan Kenobi. The remaining figures will eventually be posted soon.


Quite frankly, this has got to be the absolute worst bootleg Episode One figure I have seen. 
The paint is splattered al over the figure and there is no detail in his face. Like many of the other figures in this series, Obi-Wan's light saber is black.
I love this toy!
For some reason, all the Mace Windu bootleg figures have a dazed look to them. This one is no exception.  

Boy, I tell ya. The bootleggers have the hardest time getting Darth Mauls.head right. Looks like the bootleggers couldn't decide if the light saber should be black or red.  

Boss Nass looks pretty good here. If ya don't mind overlooking the defects in the plastic that make up the figure. Like the light sabers, Boss Nass' accessory is all black.  

Gasgano and Pit Droid. This two pack also sports a bad paint job. It's hard to tell in the pic. But the Pit Droid has blotches of paint all over his body.  

Ki-Adi-Mundi looks like he had a little too much coffee.  

Well, that's the first six figures in this particular series. Stay tuned. The rest will be coming soon!

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