Ranma 1/2 Figurines

These figures are pretty special to me. Ranma 1/2 bootleg toys are pretty far and few between here in the states. I kept on bugging and bugging my friend BH in Singapore to find some. Lo and behold! He came through for me. Thanks BH!
So, for your viewing pleasure, here are some Ranma 1/2 figurines. 

Here is Ranma as both a girl (left side) and a boy (right side)
That's a pig ( his name is P Chan) the girl Ranma is holding. The pig's human self is really the character Ryouga Hibiki.


The figure on the right is Ryouga Hibiki. On the left is Shampoo.


The panda is Ranma's father who also is under the same curse that Ranma suffer froms. Ranma's father's name is Genma.
The character waving the peace sign is Akane Tendou. 


The last figure in this set is Ukyo Kuonji.
All of these figures are made of a hard hollow plastic. They range in height from just over two inches  to a little over four inches. There are absolutely no trademarks or copyright info anywhere on the toys. But they are a great addition to my collection. 

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