Ranma 1/2 Keychains(?)
Next up are some small pvc toys featuring characters from Ranma 1/2. The figures measure only about two and a half inches tall. Either one of the two human characters can fit onto the pink star shaped base. I suppose Ranma is the best bet to go in the base because he cannot stand up without it. 
Check out the artwork though. Pretty nifty drawings of Ranma and company on both the front and back of the package. 
This is the top of the card and the card back.     
  The PVC Figures.

These figures were probably taken off of keychain molds. I say this only because a couple of these toys have holes that look like a keychain holder might have gone through them. Not only that, the figures are just the right size for keychains. 
The figures in the pic on the left are Ranma as a boy, the blonde is Ukyo Kuonji. Ukyo is supposed to be a brunette, but for some reason, she has been painted as a blonde. The middle figure is Ryogo Hibiki as a pig. He turns into a pig after he gets wet with cold water. 
The figures in the right side pic are Ranma as a girl, Genma Saotome who is Ranma's father. He turns into a panda when he gets wet with cold water. On the left is Ryogo Hibiki when he hasn't gotten wet with cold water. 




Here are some more of the same Ranma 1/2 figures only they are packaged different. These toys come on a blue card that has some nice little water drops in the background. Also, there is more artwork that is probably taken from the Ranma 1/2 series. The back of the card for these figures is just plain cardboard. 





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