Ranma 1/2

Well, here is another set of Ranma 1/2  bootleg toys that I stumbled across. I gotta tell ya, most of the bootleg Ranma 1/2 toys that I have found have been made of pretty good quality for bootleg toys. I mean, all the Ranma 1/2 figures I have found look awfully close to the characters in the anime series. That is, until now. These particular toys give me the creeps. Brrrrrrrr......
Below is the card art for these toys. I guess that the card art is ripped off directly from the Ranma 1/2 anime. Now the Ranma 1/2 logo for this toy set may actually be original.


Okay, the artwork on the card looks pretty good, right? Well, getta load of this!


AAAHHHHH!!!! What the #@$!@! happened to the figures? If you are a Ranma 1/2 fan and these things don't frighten ya, then they gotta make ya chuckle. I mean, words cannot describe how ugly these things are. 

I am almost positive that the figure on the left is Ranma. But what happened to him is beyond me. But getta load of Genma. Now Genma is one totally bizarre looking figure. For those of you who are not familiar with Ranma 1/2, Genma is supposed to be a Panda Bear. I swear, I don't think the people who actually painted the figures knew that this was supposed to be a Panda Bear. They were probably just told to make the bear black and white. 

Here is Ranma as a girl. Of course, this figure is up for grabs as to who it may be. Ranma is supposed to be a red head. But this figure has a orange/brown shade to her locks. 
And what's with the Michael Jackson pose? 

Here are some details about these figures. First, they stand about three and a half inches tall. Genma is two and a half inches in height. The figures have absolutely no articulation. None! Nada! Zilch! The card these figures come on measures 10" X 8". The artwork is original Ranma 1/2 artwork that has been hijacked by the bootleggers. The back of the card is just plain old cardboard. 
Now I admit that I have ragged on these toys. But they are so bizarre looking that to me, they are freaking priceless. These figures are gonna have a special place in my bootleg toy collection. 

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