Rugrats Aventuras 'N Panales
I wasn't going to put any Rug Rats bootleg toys on my site. Personally, I find the Rug Rats almost as annoying as the Teletubbies. But in order to keep this site as complete as possible, I figured I should post some Rug Rats bootleg toys.  
This particular line of toys is called Aventuras 'N Panales.  
I guess these toys originated in Mexico. Aventuras 'N Panales translates to Adventures In Diapers. ( Geez, now I'm giving Spanish lessons).  
Here is the title for these figures:  

As you can see from the label, these figures are packaged in Rug Rats colors.  
The card these figures come on measures about 9" X 8.5". The bubble these toys are mounted under is pretty fragile. 

There are four or five figures in this series. I am only posting a couple right now. The remaining figures will be posted with the next update.  

There are two figures in each package. One is a pvc figure (about 2 inches tall) mounted on a stand. The other figure stands anywhere from 4 to 5 inches tall. The same character comes packaged together.  
The accessories for this character are two guitars (one electric, the other acoustic)  and a boom box.  


Here is the dog. He comes with a guitar that says Hard Rock Guitar on it, a bag that has a microphone pictured on it and a video camera. Now what the dog is gonna do with these accessories is beyond me.    

This is the third figure in the series. Like the previous two figures, he comes with some musical instruments. 


Finally, here is the fourth figure in this bootleg toy series. As you can see in the pic, it is packaged just like all the rest.  

There is a fifth figure in the series. It is Baby Dil. I don't have it right now, but when I pick it up, I'll post a pic of it.   


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