Reborn Hero


Here are some Spawn knock off figures from a series called Reborn Hero. This series of toys features Spawn figures that stand about four and a half inches tall. These toys come in both a five pack of figures and two packs. The five pack includes three Spawn figures (no capes on any of the figures), one Angela and a weird looking alien type character that is not in the Spawn mythology. Accessories of swords and shields are included with the figures.
The artwork on the card features drawings of all the characters in battle poses. The card is a nice orange color that is hard to miss.
For such small scale knock offs, these are really nice toys. Check them!


Here is a close up of three of the figures.

This is one of the two packs in this series. I have only seen two different ones. Both have Angela. The two pack not shown has Angela and the Alien character. There may be more two packs that I haven't seen yet.


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