Star Wars Rubber Figures

Here are some bizarre Star Wars bootleg toys. I am pretty sure that they are based on the molds that were used for erasers. I have found five of these so far. They are all made of rubber. Which I actually find kinda neat. It beats the heck out of having nothing but plastic toys.
Take a look

Left to right: Watto, Darth Maul, Anakin, R2D2 and Sebulba. 

Well, here is Darth Maul. The accuracy of this figure is actually pretty close. But some detail is missing. This figure stands about three inches tall. Note the curve to one blade of his dual light sabre. All the Darth Maul  figures I saw had this effect. 
Watto actually looks pretty good. The coloring on the figure isn't quite up to snff. The bootleggers couldn't stay between the lines. 
Watto's wings are glued to his back. I gotta be careful that I don't accidentally pull them off. 
Watto towers at almost two and a half inches in height.

There isn't much you can say about Sebulba. Except that he doesn't stand very well. 
Like Watto, Sebulba is almost two and a half inches tall. 

There isn't much you can say about R2D2 is there? R2 is the same height as Watto and Sebulba.  

Here is a pic of Watto's back. The bootleggers didn't even bother to remove the copyright symbol, LFL (stands for Lucas Films LTD) or China that is on Watto's back. Actually, all these figures have these markings on them.  

Well, what better way to make a little more money than to use the same figure and add a keychain to it? That's what the makers of these figures did to all the characters in this line of bootleg toys.  

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