Here are a couple more Sailor Moon knock off figures. While I could be wrong, I don't think these are actual bootleg toys of known Sailor Moon toys.
These toys are packaged under the toy line of Sailorbike. The toys come on a nice pink card with very poor renditions of Sailor Moon characters.
Here is the logo for the toy:

Now like the label above says, these are friction powered motorcycle toys with a figure. The figure can be removed from the motorcycle. I don't know what kind of playability you can get with the figure itself. I mean, the figure is in a seated position and cannot be moved. Well, except for the arms, The arms have some articulation.
You know, I have other characters on motorcycles (Batman, Spider-man, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles...) and they all suffer from the inability to move from the seated position.
Now the motorcycles themselves measure about four and a half inches long and they stand about three inches tall. There are stickers that say "Power" on the front windshield and the side of the motorcycle.
The figures themselves have the anime style eyes. They also suffer from the typical poor bootleg paint job. Here are a couple of examples:

There are a couple more toys in this line.

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