Sailor Sweetie

Okay, I know absolutely nothing about Sailor Moon. If this anime cartoon (is that redundant?) was ever shown in the states, I missed it.
Fortunately, I came across somebody who knows something about this cartoon. We'll call her Anne Packrat. When I asked her what Sailor Moon was about, she replied as follows:
"A girl named Usagi (Bunny or Serena in the US) loves to eat and is something of a crybaby.  One day a talking black cat named Luna approaches her and informs her that she is the legendary Sailor Moon and gives her a wand to transform into a rather shortskirted fighter.  Along the way she fights lots of enemies and such, and finds other Sailor Scouts (senshi) such as Sailor Jupiter, Mars, Mercury, Venus, Uranus, etc.  And she has a formally dressed yet mysterious suitor and hero called Tuxedo Mask (Mamoru/Darien).  There's a lot more but that's the gist.  There's lesbians and crystals and stuff too. " 
So there! That's a quick synopsis of Sailor Moon.

Now on to the bootlegs!

Sailor Sweeties. That is the toy this page is about. This series of bootleg toys should really be considered more a knock off. The bootleggers have taken the Sailor Moon concept and altered it a little.
Here's a pic of the top of the package:

As you can see in the picture above, there is a nice little drawing of three of the characters from Sailor Moon. You can also see that this is a three piece play set. The card these toys come on measures about 7" X 8". There are three in the set. Due to web space limitations, I am only gonna post three of these toys right now. I'll put the other three up at a later date.


First up is Sailor Moon. This little figure measures about three inches high. She has no articulation. She comes with a little white cat and a sail boat. The bubble this toy comes in is heart shaped. The bottom of the sail boat has wheels on it. So you can put Sailor Moon on the boat and roll her around.

Sailor Moon


Here is Sailor Mars. She stands about two and a half inches tall. Comes with a little bunny and her accessory is a dolphin shaped ride. I don't think the figure can actually sit in the ride. By the way, the accessories all of these figures come with are called Manual Playground accessory on the card. So if you took all the figures out and set them up. You would have a nice little playground scene.



The third figure is Sailor Venus. She comes with a little bird and a Sea Horse shaped ride. She measures about two and a half inches tall. Like all the figures in this series (there are six), she is waving at you.

Well, that's it for the first three figures in this series. The other figures in this series are Sailor Jupiter, Sailor Venus and Sailor Mercury. If you can't wait, go ahead and email me and I will put up pics of the others for you to see.

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