Salemoon S.

Y'know, I don' think Sailor Moon is very popular out here in the states. At least, not as popular as it is in other parts of the world. But I gotta tell ya. There are alot of Sailor Moon bootleg toys out there. 
This page features some more Sailor Moon bootleg toys that I have found. Like other SM figures on this site, the toys are based on the Bandai figures. For once, these are actually pretty good bootleg toys.

Here is the name of the toy line. Heh. It's not Sailor Moon. The toy line for these figures is Salemoon S.
Yup! Those are the Sailor Moon characters pictured on the top of the card.
The card these toys come mounted on measures 9" X 6.5". The bubble, while still fragile, is more sturdy than your typical bootleg toy bubble. 
Here are three of the figures. There are at least four in this series. The fourth one I know of is Sailor Moon. Unfortunately, she was sold out when I found these toys. 
All these figures stand about five inches tall. The paint job is a bit crude. But overall, the paint job these figures sport is much better than the other bootleg Sailor Moon figures I have. 




All of these figures come with a stand and a scepter. On the stand is a sticker with the name of the character. How about this for a name? 
Sailoruranus. That is how is it spelled on the stand. No space between the names. 
Also, the bootleggers did not bother to match the figure to the name. Two of the figures pictured on this page have a stand with the name Sailorneptune.



Here is the colorful card back. Featured on the back are pictures of Sailor Moon paper dolls. On the bottom right corner are pictures of baby Sailor Moon characters. 
As usual, no trademarks or copyrights anywhere on the packaging. 


These toys are more figures based on the Bandai Sailor Moon figures. Nothing really outstanding about them. But ya gotta love the colorful packaging. Did ya catch the artwork behind the bubble? It features the Sailor Moon characters (especially Sailor Moon and Chibimoon) along with a unicorn. 

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