Savagery Warrior

Ya know, it's October of 2001 as I write this page. The toys on this page I must have had for at least three or four years. But the thing is, I forgot I even had them. I was rooting through my bootleg toys in my garage when I stumbled across these bad boys. 
Now personally, I'm really not into Transforming toys. But I do know bootleg toys of popular lines when I see them. Below are a couple of Beast Wars bootlegs that were produced under the toy line name of Savagery Warrior. 


Above are two examples from this series. On the left is Cheetor and the right is Razor Beast. These things are essential the same figures as seen in other bootleg Beast Wars series shown on this web site. However, I dig the homemade artwork the bootleggers slapped on the card.
Below is the back of the card the figures are mounted on...

There are transforming instructions for eight figures. So it looks like I'm missing six of them. Or maybe I have them and they are just buried somewhere else in my garage. Ah well, if I find 'em, I'll post 'em.