Scepter Moon

Well, I had no idea what to call this toy. But I figure that since there is a scepter packaged with the figure, I may as well call it Scepter Moon. 

Here is a pic of one of the toys as the bootleggers packaged it. Sailor Moon is the only figure in this whole series. 
There are three different versions of this toy. Each version features a Sailor Moon figure and a different Scepter.
The acrd art features the Sailors on the top of the card. While behind the toys are drawings of "Supersailorchibimoon" (hey, that's how it's spelled) and "Supersailormoon".


The Sailor Moon figure is actually a pretty good bootleg toy. The paint job on the figure is outstanding for a bootleg toy. You can also see the stand that is included so you can mount the figure on it.



This is another scepter that is in this bootleg toy series. 
There is a third version, but I didn't buy it. Hey! These particular toys were kinda expensive for bootleg toys. 



Here is the artwork on the card back. It features all the Sailor characters amidst a bunch of flower petals. There is also some Japanese writing. The card measures 11" X 8". 


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