SD Godzilla 

These Godzilla figures come in a package that is written mostly in Japanese. All these figures are about an inch and a half tall. They are made of plastic and are hollow. Not a whole lot to shout about, but they are Godzilla figures. 

Here is the label. I recognize the S and the D. But the japanese characters are beyond me. Oh, and you certainly cannot miss Godzilla's mug. 


Here are the figures in the set. There are two of each character. One is the Monster. The other is the Mech version of the Monsters.
I assume the writing over each of the figures is the name of the Monster. 
Like most bootleg toys, there is no manufacturers name or copyrights on the package.

This is the back of the box. I really like the artwork. 


To give you an idea of the size of the figures, here they are on my fingers. 
Most of these figures don't sport much of a paint job. The plastic they are made of is the primary color of the figure.

All in all, these are a fun little bootleg toy. Who cares if I can't read the package? These are Monster toys. That's all that counts. Right?

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