Shape Shifters

Here's a couple of figures from the Marvel Shape Shifters series that have been bootlegged. I remember when this line first came out that I thought this would be sweet series to bootleg. Well, the bootleggers didn't let me down. They bootlegged the darn series. 


Above is the Night Force Spider-Man figure. The card measures in at 11.5" X 8". The bubble is made of your typical bootleg poor quality plastic.The cardback features four characters. Along with Spider-Man, there is Carnage, Grey Hulk  and Shadow Wolverine. I found this at two different dealers. But both dealers only had a Spider-Man and Wolverine figure. 
Speaking of the figures, here they are...



Notice anything missing from the Spider-Man figure? Like his logo? The Wolverine isn't too bad a looking figure. The X on his belt isn't painted completely. Also, his arms are sorta tranluscent. It's hard to tell in the pic, but the arm really is sorta transluscent.
Both figures stand about seven inches tall. I haven't bothered to see if they really do shift shapes. It looks like they might. But given the poor quality built into these figures, they'll break pretty quickly if I do try to shift their shapes.