The Silver Surfer

This set of Silver Surfer bootleg toys came and went pretty fast here in the states. They came out a couple of years ago. At the time, I only bought the two you see here on this site. When I finally decided to pick up the two remaining figures, they were nowhere to be found. I was really pretty peeved that these vanished so quickly (especially for a bootleg toy) cuz I wasn't able to add Thanos to my bootleg toy collection. 


At first glance, these are really good reproductions. But they don't hold up under the microscope when you pick them up. The card these figures are mounted on is flimsy. Also the bubble is pretty squishable. Now all the figures in this series came on a Silver Surfer figure card. So if you are a regular collector of toys, then you know that the card back usually would feature the action and how to play with ofwhatever character is packaged under the bubble. 
As usual, no trademarks, copyrights or whatnot anywhere on the card. However, this set does feature the year that it was produced. That little yellow rectangle in the lower right corner has the following:
Item No: 1998T. 
1998! That's the year I found these toys. 

Below are close ups of the two figures I have. The first one is the Raze. No, the picture isn't blurry. That's how the figure looks. Notice how the accessories are not secured properly in the package. 
Speaking of accessories, I am pretty sure that the accessories of both of these two figures are the wrong color.


Here is the Silver Surfer and his pumkin colored accessories. 


Here is the Silver Surfer as Star Surfer. Not much ya can say about an all blue figure, eh?


That's it for this bootleg toy line. Who knows? Maybe this series will show up again some other time. Then I can complete my set.