Super Power

This bootleg toy line is kinda a variation of another bootleg toy line that goes by the name of Super Power. That other Super Power bootleg toy line features a Batman figure that comes with a Batmobile. This particular series features figures with no accessories of any kind. 

Pretty nifty artwork on the card, eh? Nice bright orange with a Batman like figure on it. Behind the figure is a drawing of Robin. The card is about 7.5" X 10". The figures are mounted under a bubble that is extremely fragile. 

The Batman figure doesn't not come with a bat logo on his chest. Y'know, I haven't been able to figure out what that red portion is supposed to represent. 
I had never seen this Robin figure before until I got this set. Robin looks to be based on the Robin from the Batman And Robin movie. 
Of course, the bootleggers did take a few liberties with the color scheme of the figure. 
Both Batman and Robin come with a cheap plastic (?) cape. 


Don'tcha just love Superman's S logo? Could the bootleggers have made it more basic than this? 
For some reason, the bootleggers only painted Superman's belt and boots on the front half of the figure. The back half of the belt and boots are the same blue color as the rest of Superman's body.


All of these figures stand around seven inches tall. They are made outta hollow plastic. All these figures feature the same articulation at the neck, arms, and legs. These things were found in the British Columbia region of Canada. While there is nothing really outstanding about the figures, I just love the artwork on the card.