CyberJet Bootleg Transformer
 This bootleg Transformer is based on the Decepticon Cyberjet called Skyjack. The original Transformers were produced in the American Transformers Generation II line. 
The Transformers bootlegs on this page stand about four inches tall from top to bottom. This figure has been produced under the toy line name of Pu Shun Transformers. 
Here is what the label looks like: 

The Transformer shown in the artwork above has the words "United" and "States" on the side of the cockpit. This bootleg toy has stickers with the word "YinXing" on both sides of the cockpits. 
I have found this bootleg toy in four different colors. Here they are: 

As you can see, these toys are all basically the same. They just come in different colored plastic. 
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