Small Soldiers Bootleg Toys

Here are some bootleg toys featuring the characters from the movie Small Soldiers. I have on this page a bootleg figure, a package of pvc figures and a Small Soldiers knock off game. 

First up is the package of pvc figures. Nothing to really get excited about. There are four figures in this package. Brick Bazooka, Flatchoo, Archer and Chip Hazard. These figures stand about three to three and a half inches tall. 

Next up is a bootleg Small Soldiers figure. This figure is called Flatchoo. I also have C hip Hazard and Slamfist bootlegs. I will post these figures up later. Flatchoo comes on a Chip Hazard card. He stands about four inches tall. The bubble on this card is extremely fragile and dents very easily. 
Next up is a really neat game based on the two Small Soldiers characters, Chip Hazard and Archer. Rather than calling the toys Small Soldiers, the toy makers call them Super Soldiers. The game is called Military Mission: Destroy The Enemy. It is battery operated and makes sounds. The game comes with two separate hand held devices. You mount a figure on each device. Then the players try to strike the opponent in the chest by moving a knob on the controller. The figures arms and legs are real loose and when you turn the knob, the limbs just flail around. If you strike your opponent on the chest, your opponents figure flys off the controller. While the concept is kind of novel, it is a little difficult to actually hit your opponent on the chest. 
That's it for now. I have some more Small Soldiers toys that I will put up later. So be sure to come on back and visit! 

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