Smart Kids

This series of toys features Rug Rats characters. The series itself is called Smart Kids. There are six figures in this bootleg toy series. I personally don't really "get" Rug Rats. So I only picked up a couple of these. 
Check 'em out!


The figure on the left resembles the character Phil. Deville. On the right is Chuckie Finster. 
The card that the figures come on measures about 9" X 6". The figures themselves stand about five inches tall. I cannot tell if they have any articulation at all. 

Below is the back of the card. Back row pictured left to right are Lil, Angelica, Chuckie and  ???
In the front, left to right are Phil and Dil. Of course, the bootleggers gave each of these figures a brand new name. 


All in all, there is nothing really impressive about these toys. But if you are a Rug Rats fan. Well, maybe ya find these kinda interesting. 

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