Sneak Attack Spider-Man Bootlegs

Here is another bootleg toy series from Brazil. This time it's a set of Sneak Attack Spider-Man figures. Like other Brazilian bootleg toys, these figures come mounted on a much smaller card than the typical bootleg toys I find here in the US. 
First, take a look at the packaging. 


Above is a Carnage figure mounted on the card. As you can see, the figure is missing quite a bit of its accessories. I am not sure if this is because the card is so much smaller than the standard card so the bootleggers had no room to place the accessories. Or it could be that the bootleggers cut some costs by not including the accessories. It probably is a combination of both the card size and cost cutting. 
The packaging the figures comes on measures in at a little over 8" X 5.5". The card back features pics of the four bootleg toys in this series. Also, the card back is bilingual card. There is both english and french printing on the card back. 
As usual, no copyrights, trademarks or manufacturers names anywhere on the card. 
Now there are four figures in this series. I have three of them. So let's take a peek, shall we?


Carnage here is missing a considerable amount of black paint on him. But at least what black paint the bootleggers put on Carnage was actually in between the lines. Not too many splotches on this figure. Well, that is if ya overlook the messy paint job on Carnage's face. 
Carnage's lone accessory is a red hook attached to a black string. 

Copter Spider-Man is next in this series. The bootleggers did a pretty decent job with this figure. This figure look good enough that you could put it in a regular toy package and wouldn't miss a beat. 


The last figure I have is Hobgoblin. Kinda hard to tell in this pic, But Hobgoblin's face features a bit of a splotchy job. 
Like the other  figures in this series, Hobgoblin comes with part of the accessories the real toy comes with. 



These toys from Brazil come from my buddy Jorge Lunz. I tell ya, the guy has added a ton of bootleg toys to my collection in the short time I have known him. But I only wonder why, if these toys have been bootlegged in Brazil, why the figures haven't shown up in some bootleg form here in the US? I suppose it's only a matter of time.