Snoopy Mini Figures

Here are an unauthorized set of Snoopy mini figures that are totally unauthorized. Now personally, while I've always been fond of Snoopy, he's always kinda frightened me at times. I mean, come on, the dog can play baseball!!! Not only that, he's a bit delusional too. He thinks he's fighting the Red Baron???? What the heck is Charlie Brown putting in his dog food? 
Okay, I'm just kidding. But these figures kinda lend a little to Snoopy's delusional tendencies. Hence, all the different Snoopy characters in the set.



So let's see, some of the Snoopy characters include Businessman Snoopy, Tourist Snoopy, Doctor Snoopy, General Snoopy and Snoopy as a few other characters. Although I suppose the Snoopy depicted in the bottom right is Joe Cool. Which is okay with me. After all, we know that anybody named Joe is always Cool. Right???


All right, like other mini figures pictured on this site., the Snoopy figures stand about two inches tall. No trademarks anywhere. Where the bootleggers got the ideas for the Snoopy figures is anybody's guess. But I suppose I should let ya know that I didn't include a pic of Snoopy as an artist. Sorry.