Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs

This set of bootleg figures really surprised me. Disney bootlegs, especially those that are blatantly represented as a Disney item are pretty rare. I mean, sure, there are plenty of squeaky toys, stickers and whatnot that are produced. But I almost never see a bootleg that actually pretends to be an authentic Disney item..

Now I know Snow White isn't Disney's "property". But the likeness of the figures along with the artwork on the backer card have been hijacked from the Disney animation. This is actually pretty bold of the bootleggers considering how aggressive Disney is at protecting their properties. I suspect these figures won't be on the swap meet shelves for very long. At least not here in the US. Hmmmm, I guess I better go out and buy at least one extra set for my collection. 
Here are some close ups of the figures....
Oh! By the way, the card these figures are mounted on measures in at 10" X 13". The figures are mounted under a bubble that has been molded to the shapes of the figures. The back of the backer card is just plain old cardboard.


These figures are basically little pvc like statues. The paint jobs are acceptable for a bootleg toy. Not too many smudges or anything like that in the paint.
How tall are these figures? Well, Snow White stands about four inches tall. The Seven Dwarfs stand measure up at roughly twoand a half inches. 
I gotta tell ya. I judge these particular bootleg toys to be quite a find. Disney bootleg toys are few and far between. So for me to stumble across them was the keenest luck. I just wonder how long before these toys really do disappear?